Tangent Tier

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The Tangent Tier is where we post the full conversations with our helpers. Each episode of Just Answer the Question features excerpts from multiple guest recordings, and so the Tangent Tier takes you well beyond what gets included in the main podcast.

The Tangent Tier doesn’t offer extended-play versions of the free JATQ episodes. It’s way better!

A given episode of Just Answer the Question is roughly an hour-length exploration of a given topic or question that includes narratives, original music, and excerpts of discussions with (usually) three helpers.

In contrast, the Tangent Tier episodes are the raw interviews themselves. Most of our interviews are about 40-60 minutes long and cover far more ground than what we can use in the main episode. In fact, it’s always difficult for us to decide what we can use for the main composed episodes because there’s so much interesting material in those primary sources. With the Tangent Tier, we can offer it all to our fellow exploration geeks.

So, in addition to giving you the for-the-masses main episodes that we put out every few weeks, a Tangent Tier subscription also gets you the full interviews as standalone installments.

Go here to subscribe to the Tangent Tier.

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